"Jordan’s creativity, professionalism, as well as, the exercise program, coaching, and encouragement that he has provided is assisting me in achieving my desired physical outcomes. The improvements may be measured through my improved health, fitness, increased muscle mass, weight loss, and my doctor’s test results.

Jordan worked with me to adapt aerobic, resistance and strength training exercises to match my capabilities and work towards my personal objectives. As I progressed my overall health improved and my capabilities have increased."


"Jordan has been an excellent trainer. He really gets to know you and your limits and finds creative ways to push you forward with great encouragement. He gets to know your goals and will customize and adapt plans over time to help you meet your goals. I have gained strength, lost body fat, increased my performance in sports! A happy client.

As an example of his dedication; I travel frequently and he builds a training plan I can do on my own while travelling and the plans are adapted to the gyms my hotels will have. That is great customer service!"


"Jordan introduced me to kick boxing and I love it!  He’s a very enthusiastic trainer, lots of patience, loads of fun and very knowledgeable."


"I like how Jordan plans workouts for me that are tailored to my goals, yet still are fun and motivating. I am sure it's what helped me achieve a new PB in my last half marathon!"


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"I approached Jordan for personal training services when I was given clearance to start working out again. This was after a long period of inactivity due to injury.  Jordan has helped me develop and adapt a workout plan that takes into account my ongoing limitations and succeed in becoming more fit despite these.  For example, I used to run and found it really helped manage stress but I was no longer able to do so because of my injury. Jordan suggested and has instructed me in kickboxing which has been an amazing outlet to manage stress, burn calories, and improve confidence.

Jordan’s approach makes the gym less intimidating. He knows when to push you to keep going and when to make you slow down if you have a tendency to get carried away and overdo it. He is able to think quickly on the spot to adapt exercises to changing needs/abilities.  With Jordan’s easy-going approach I would recommend him to anyone – but especially to anyone trying to work within the limitations of an injury, or who finds the gym intimidating."